Friday, June 28, 2013

May Memories

Well, since May is long past we'll call this post a memory.  Ugh.  So terribly far behind.  May, of course, is eventful with the end of school activities and start of ball and all that jazz, so prepare yourself for a photo blast.

The start of May always means a birthday party and a marathon.  Noisy Man requested a Star Wars birthday party, and thanks to Pinterest (because mommy knows absolutely nothing about Star Wars) we were able to pull off two successful Star Wars festivities.  One with friends and one with the family.  And always the same weekend around his birthday is the Lincoln Half Marathon that mommy loves to run every year.  This year I got to run it with my very best friend and even though I wasn't feeling 100% that day and my time was a bit slow, it was a fabulous time to spend with her.
Darth Vader made a surprise appearance

R2D2 cake (yes he is short and fat, I am not a pro)

Jedi Battles with the friends

Another Darth Vader Battle
I love getting to see the kids along the route.  Best part of the whole run!

The same night as the marathon was Miss Firecracker's King Kids (a singing/drama production for kids that our church does) program.  She was all about being on that stage.  She knew all the words, had a huge smile on her face and even threw in a few actions.  People were commenting left and right about what a great job she did.  I wish I could post the video.  It was priceless.
So into her singing!

Later in the week Miss Firecracker also had her preschool graduation.  Such a big girl, moving on to Kindergarten.  Where does the time go?  She got to get a little diploma and sing a few more songs.  One of them she even got to do a little "quartet" with some other girls to start the song off.  They were just adorable up there.

Best Preschool Staff ever along with her "twin" as they refer to them, and a good photo bomb by her brother

The next weekend, I got to run with her again on Mother's Day as we ran in the Diva Dash and got to watch my girls run in their first race as well.  They had little sprints for the young age groups of girls and my BFF and I ran a 5K.  We even all dressed up for the occasion.  Miss Firecracker came in pretty close to first in her group, and Miss Thumb Sucker smiled as she dashed through the entire 50 yards, both dressed in their favorite princess dresses.  Better yet, check out the dresses the moms dug out of our closets to run in - both from High School and they still fit!

And of course, the end of school means a track meet.  Poor Noisy Man tried his heart out in all of his events and came up just short of receiving a ribbon (only given to the first 5 places) in each event (other than the shoe kick - he didn't do so hot in that one, but that doesn't break my heart).  He got 6th in the 50 meter dash and 7th in the long jump.  Still super proud of him and can't wait for many more track meets in the future.  I love track!

Not to be outdone, Noisy Man requested a race as well.  So he and Mom ran a 1 mile fun run over Memorial Day weekend.   While "training" we would run around a 12 minute mile, but during the race itself, Noisy Man was booking it.  I kept telling him to slow down a bit because I didn't want him to get too tired and have to walk.  The boy never slowed down and finished the race in 9 minutes!  He can't wait to do another one.  The best part?  He got his very own trophy and it is now his most prized possession! (Sadly, mom forgot her camera and didn't get any great pictures.)

Don't forget about ball.  So much ball.  Here are a couple pics of Miss Firecracker (haven't uploaded Noisy Man's yet), but I'll get more into that in a later post.  This one has gotten way too long already!